February 10, 2018


choices, chances, change

Black Fragrance seeks to imprint on every stakeholder’s heart – the everyday people and leaders at various levels – their responsibilities towards eradicating poverty and enjoying peace, stability and long-term prosperity. Today is the outcome of the choices we made yesterday; if we dream of a better tomorrow, we must begin to make better choices today


Family Planning

We are concerned that uncontrolled population growth will hinder the attainment of development and health goals and further increase poverty . There is evidence that increased use of family planning methods decreases maternal and infant mortality rates, improves quality of life for mothers, and stimulates economic development. Illiteracy, limited access to contraception, cultural and religious opposition, gender based barriers, and spousal disapproval all contribute to the high “unmet need” for contraception in Africa.


Corruption is a crime against humanity. The scourge of corruption in post-colonial Africa is gnawing at the progress that the continent could be enjoying. It is established globally that corruption is Africa’s biggest setback. It is an ever-growing rot embedded into every sphere of the leadership and society. If we do not stand up against it and lead the change now, chances are that whatever development efforts we make would make no significant difference.


More than ever before, in recent years our environments and the planet in general are being seriously threatened by uncontrolled human activities. Man, today is the greatest force of nature, and this is not without consequences; there are huge adverse effects on our day-to-day lives and wellbeing. BlackFragrance embarks on strategic campaigns and actions to secure the future of our planet.

gender equality

A UNDP 2016 report finds that gender discrimination leads to a loss of an average of $95 billion every year in Africa. Women’s opportunity to thrive continues to be undermined by inequalities such as economic disparity, low access to education, social injustice and violence. BlackFragrance wants to see women all over Africa being given the freedom and empowerment to make their own choices and determine their own futures.


In every society, there is a substantial gap between the life expectancy of the children of the most affluent and those who are born into deprivation and get fewer chances as they grow up. Our goal is to shrink the the gap. Access to quality education, good healthcare, food and housing should not only be at the disposal of a few priviledged ones; everyone deserves an opportuity to thrive and be happy. Everyone deserves a good life.

peace & security

The possibilities of achieving the objectives of poverty eradication will be constrained as long as an atmosphere of lasting peace and stability does not prevail in Africa. Violent extremist organizations (VEOs)—such as al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram in Nigeria—jeopardize human security and threaten to ignite communal violence. BlackFragrance leads campaigns that promote peace and patriotic unity as a catalyst for sustainable development.



We identify every year an issue of relevance in each area of our coure interests and formulate a campaign and strategy.


We identify and secure local and international organisations working in the areas of interest and join forces to effectively deliver the campaigns.


We innovate and execute the project in a manner that is scalable and sustainable. Leveraging on the strength of our dedicated team and volunteers, we ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of the process and impacts.