February 10, 2018

About us

Our Vision

To contribute significantly to the global effort to end poverty in Africa, and to secure a brighter future for children through access to quality and inclusive education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for happiness and prosperity amongst some of Africa’s most underserved communities and demographics, starting from Nigeria – Africa’s most populous nation.

Our Motivation

We decided to quit complaining about poverty and economic hardship in Nigeria, and take positive actions that are capable of creating prosperity and happiness for everyone. We have resolved to put our minds to use creatively, to innovate and come up with sustainable solutions that will combat poverty effectively. We are not going about tackling poverty by seeking aids or charity; we want to end poverty through entrepreneurial approach. We shall be investing time and capital in helping people establish, expand or improve their lives through economic empowerment and enterprise development. This will ensure they earn a reasonable and sustainable living, help themselves out of poverty and have long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities.

To ensure that poverty has no grip on our future, we shall be investing time and resources also in getting out-of-school kids into quality schools, specifically at the primary and secondary school levels, for both boys and girls.